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Metal Finishing at Gamlet

At Gamlet, we understand the importance of finishing touches. Our team ensures that your metal products are protected with the highest quality finishing to uphold performance, stay durable, maintain desired appearance, and withstand the elements in their future environment.

Our Industry-Leading Finishing Services Include:

Metal Finish Process

Metal Product Finishing and Industrial Painting Process

When it comes to our metal finishing products, we not only focus on innovative design and structural integrity, but we also understand that functionality and appearance are equally significant for your final product.

Moreover, we go the extra mile to ensure your metal finishing product exceeds your expectations, all while keeping costs and timelines in check. Additionally, Gamlet’s two full-service facilities feature streamlined finishing, painting, and powder-coating systems. This equipment allows us to ensure that your metal products and components are attractive and ready for immediate use upon delivery.

Gamlet’s Metal Finishing Options:

Our team brings several decades of experience to the table in polishing stainless steel and aluminum components. Furthermore, we create a smooth, uniform, and blemish-free finish for each of our customers, meeting extensive requirements across various processing industries. We also take pride in providing surfaces you can trust to last through the toughest conditions.

  • #4 brushed finishes on both types 304/316 stainless steel
  • Aluminum brushed finishes
  • Dual-action sanded finish on carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum

This wide range of metal paint suppliers enables us to match virtually any color requested by our customers. Every painted product is coated smoothly and evenly before oven-baking to provide a durable and lasting finish. Rest assured knowing that your metal component won’t suffer from paint chipping or flaking in the future.

Our powder-coated finishings come with a top-notch hardness and durability. Gamlet’s facilities feature advanced powder coating systems, including a 1120 square foot oven reaching temperatures between 100-400 degrees Fahrenheit, and the ability to meet your exact color and surface finish requirements.