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Product Design<br>Engineering Support

Product Design
Engineering Support

The core of our innovative processes centers around a wealth of formally trained and road-tested, accredited technical specialists specific to product and component engineering. Gamlet has been key to the development and implementation of a number of technical, commercial, industrial and military-based projects. From engineering precision electronics components to rolling military vehicles off the production line, Gamlet has worked closely with clients to see the "big picture" of the project, assisting them in carefully evaluating and assessing how the innovations we help develop are implemented within the larger framework.
SolidWorks™<br> Design


Efficient. Reliable. Exceptional. Gamlet's product design engineering team is widely recognized as a group of innovative and experienced specialists, but maintaining this reputation is just as important as earning it. We understand that the best design software will yield the best results; consequently, the latest edition of SolidWorks is the design software of choice. With the ability to create parts, assemblies, and detailed drawings, this invaluable tool enables our engineers to turn a customer's pencil sketch into a tangible, functional product. Our engineering staff is well versed in the software, and is ready to design and perfect your next product, down to the last detail. Our current operating system is SolidWorks 2019.


Precision sheet metal cutting. Faster, cleaner sheet and profile laser cutting with Gamlet's advanced ByStar laser cutting systems increases production efficiency, saving valuable time and money. Gamlet's laser cutting services feature:

  • CNC rotary axis for tube and profile cutting
  • Tubes and profiles up to a diameter of 315 mm (12.4 inches)
  • Accurately cuts: 1" Carbon steel, 1/2" Stainless steel, 1/2" Aluminum
  • Copper, brass, wood, plastic, Kevlar & more
  • 4400W and 3500W lasers for high speed cutting
  • Precision cutting with high quality edges
  • Automatic sheet loading/unloading shuttle table
  • Easily handles sheets up to 60" x 120"


It’s all in the details. With Gamlet’s extensive weld assembly technology and experience, innovations in design are fully realized. Whether MIG, TIG, spot, or stick welding, Gamlet weld technicians consistently demonstrate excellence; decades of combined experience coupled with a shared commitment to quality culminate in unparalleled results. We embrace the challenge of new and different products, and strive to perfect familiar ones. Gamlet has the facilities to build a wide variety of products, ranging in size from hand-held frames to garage-size housings, and we are ready to meet your requirements. Gamlet’s welding services list:

  • AWS D1.1 Structural Certifications
  • AWS D1.3 Sheet metal Certifications
  • AWS D9.1 Sheet metal Certifications
  • ASME Section 9 Pipe welding
  • TIG, MIG, Stick, Flux Core welding capabilities
  • Metal<br>Finishing


    Innovative design and structural integrity are not the only components of a quality product; a functional and attractive finish is equally critical. At Gamlet, we always put the extra time and effort into making our products look great. Our full-service facilities includes streamlined finishing, painting, and powder-coating systems and equipment, to ensure that the metal products and components we deliver are aesthetically pleasing and ready to use when you receive them. Gamlet offers a variety of finishing options. With decades of experience polishing stainless steel and aluminum, we provide a smooth and uniform finish, free of blemishes and able to conform to the strict requirements of the food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

    • #4 brushed finishes on both Types 304/316 Stainless Steel
    • Aluminum brushed finishes
    • Dual-action sanded finish on carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum
    Industrial<br> Painting


    With a wide range of supplier options, Gamlet is capable of matching virtually any color. All of our painted products receive a smooth and even coat, after which they are oven-baked to ensure a durable and lasting finish. The hardness and durability of a powder-coated finish is difficult to match. Our facilities include a state-of-the-art powder coating system, complete with an 1120 square foot oven, ranging in temperatures from 100 - 400 degrees F, and we are capable of meeting your color and surface finish requirement.

    Efficient. Reliable. Exceptional.