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Metal Fabrication

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Metal Fabrication Leader Since:


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Utilizing Top-Notch Equipment:

2 laser cutting machines, 1 sheet metal punch, 4 press-brakes, band saws, 2 fastener-inserting machines

Sheet Metal Fabrication with Gamlet

Gamlet has risen to the top as an industry leader in sheet metal fabrication for the past 50 years, and that doesn’t come easy.

We’ve maintained the integrity of our traditional systems and continuously combined them with new and innovative technologies and processes as they’re developed to make sure our customers are always getting the best product available. We’ve thrown out the cookie-cutter approach. Our designs are generated from getting to know your specific needs, challenges, and goals. Learn more about our product line below.

Contract Enclosures

Gamlet is a progressive metal fabrication company as we seek to improve the quality and speed of fabrication that is typically assigned to local fabricators. Our products are developed in our two precision fabrication facilities. With state-of-the-art equipment, our team is ready to produce small precision components, full-scale industrial machinery and enclosures, and everything in between. 

Our customers’ products are built to last and withstand environmental conditions and tough everyday use, as they’ve been proven to handle large runs of products. Regardless of the material you choose and the industry you’re in, our sheet metal products can be customized to your specific needs and standards.

The Technologies Behind our Sheet Metal Fabricated Products

We make it a priority to continuously update our facilities with today’s top technologies to ensure your final products are of the highest quality and in your hands within proper turnaround times. Our current sheet metal fabrication equipment includes:

  • A 3500-watt Bystronic laser cutting machine
  • A 4400-watt Bystronic laser cutting machine
  • A modern sheet metal punch (Trumpf Tru-Punch 1000)
  • 4 press-brakes, with numerous tooling capabilities
  • Vertical and horizontal metal-cutting band saws
  • 2 fastener-inserting machines
Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum—you name it. Gamlet is ready to deliver the sheet metal fabrication you’ve been looking for.

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