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NEMA, UL, 4, 4X, 12, 3R

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4+ families of kiosk types

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Gamlet’s Custom Kiosks

Kiosks play a large, and unfortunately sometimes overlooked, role in today’s world of business. But Gamlet understands their importance. Kiosks not only grab the attention of your audience, but also provide them with a self-service experience associated with your brand—an increasing requirement for today’s consumers. 

The challenge? Relying on a kiosk design that attracts your visitors but is also built with a quality that can withstand the effects of regular public usage. This is where our team recognized a gap in what was available for kiosks, and Gamlet developed our kiosk product line to eliminate it entirely. 

Gamlet’s custom kiosks are being used today in fields such as medical research, counseling, recreational ticketing, and various other public uses. The applications of our kiosks are endless.

We make sure that your needs are driving the process, from initial consultation to the end result. From conceptualization and carried out through design, manufacturing, integration, production and assembly, your kiosk is built to your specifications.

Leading Kiosk Development For Your Needs

Our customers’ kiosks range from small, single prototypes, to large-scale productions across multiple locations. Gamlet’s lineup of kiosk types include:

  • Directories
  • Freestanding kiosks
  • Digital wall bezels
  • Tablet kiosks

Our approach, compiled of decades of experience and industry knowledge, takes care of your provided hardware and brings your unit to life with the highest fabricated metal quality. Gamlet’s facilities are equipped with top-notch technology that delivers the highest quality available and a guarantee to stick to scheduled timelines. The days of waiting for a product to come in that will not hold up with the rigors of everyday use are over. The name behind today’s trusted kiosks is Gamlet, and we’re ready to develop the kiosks your business needs!

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